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New Patient Information

What to Expect on your First Visit to East Credit Dental in Mississauga

One of the most valuable services we provide for our new patients is a complete oral evaluation and development of a specialized treatment plan. During your first visit, we'll spend some time getting to know each other and your unique dental needs.

Dr. Tracogna will start by taking a complete series of radiographs, followed by a thorough examination that would include the following:

  • charting your present dental health (e.g. teeth location and condition, previous restorations, your bite and malocclusions such as crooked, crowded or protruding teeth)

  • charting your gingival (gums) health through a full periodontal probing

  • examining your TMJ (jaw joint) and lymph nodes

  • looking for habits such as clenching and grinding

  • screening for any dental decay, pathology and oral cancer

After your examination is complete, Dr. Tracogna will develop a personalized treatment plan just for you.

Before your initial visit, we recommend obtaining any previous dental records you may have especially any recently taken x-rays.

Important documents to bring to your first appointment 

X-Ray Release Form

Insurance Information Required

Medical History Information

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